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Misguided metrics

Few months ago, I set myself a goal of number of words written every day; a quantifiable target for every day. Every day I miss the target, the debt increases for next day. There’s a punishment if the debt goes beyond a limit.

This got me into a nice ...

Reverse Impressions

This mind creates impressions based on impressions. If we like someone, their opinions and values form a part of our decision(or judgement) system. Mostly unconsciously1.

These impressions get invalidated as we begin to experience the reality. I observed this mind as a recent event turned a positive impression ...

PyQt5 install by archive extraction

We assume you’re trying to build a python qt app on a dev box or a build machine (for a CI setup). You need to install PyQt5 for various reasons including running tests or freezing the setup build.

There are two problem this post will help you solve:

  • Slow ...

Sympathy vs Empathy

In the book, Subject to Change1, authors explain the concepts of sympathy and empathy very well. It got me into a series of thoughts.

Let me quote (emphasis is mine).

Sympathy has two common uses, neither of which is appropriate in design. In the first sense, sympathy means something ...

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