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A definition of Ownership

Ownership is about clarity. About a sense of direction, where the product should reach in a near short term. The direction must also provide a sequence of how the user grows in expertise along with the feature set.

Ownership is not about dictatorship. It is not an opportunity to push ...

On building a habit

The first ingredient is belief in magic. If you persist on the activity, or build a habit of that, good things will happen around you. Something positive to hold you on. Let’s call that Magica.

Now let’s pave the path to the wonderful world. Our second ingredient is ...

What are we doing next?

We take the current experience we provide for a solution to a problem. We then question it until we arrive at a set of principles for the problem. Now, we take those principles and rethink the solution. The simplest solution is the bare minimum we need to fulfil the principles ...

On the choices in a strategy

Strategy is all about how we achieve a mission.

It is about the choices on the road to fulfilment1.

Each choice must have a rationale, a justification to back it up. In addition to looking at the choices in their local decision context, we must also weigh-in them together ...

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