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PyQt5 install by archive extraction

We assume you’re trying to build a python qt app on a dev box or a build machine (for a CI setup). You need to install PyQt5 for various reasons including running tests or freezing the setup build.

There are two problem this post will help you solve:

  • Slow ...

Sympathy vs Empathy

In the book, Subject to Change1, authors explain the concepts of sympathy and empathy very well. It got me into a series of thoughts.

Let me quote (emphasis is mine).

Sympathy has two common uses, neither of which is appropriate in design. In the first sense, sympathy means something ...

A definition of Ownership

Ownership is about clarity. About a sense of direction, where the product should reach in a near short term. The direction must also provide a sequence of how the user grows in expertise along with the feature set.

Ownership is not about dictatorship. It is not an opportunity to push ...

On building a habit

The first ingredient is belief in magic. If you persist on the activity, or build a habit of that, good things will happen around you. Something positive to hold you on. Let’s call that Magica.

Now let’s pave the path to the wonderful world. Our second ingredient is ...

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